Information about Gigfunding


Story & Vision

Dignity was born out of a frustration with the lack of diversity in the mainstream model of giving. We reconise giving needs an update from: chugging, cold-calls, direct debits, corporate tax haven fundraisers, grant competitions and sponsored f**king bungee jumps. 

We want to make it inclusive and fun for everyone to support the increasing number of essential causes that our government neglects.

We want to live in a world where money, skills and collective intelligence are harnessed effectively, by the organisations that deserve it most. 

These are the organisations most committed to reducing biodiversity loss
and increasing long term quality of life, for all life; not just humans. 

We want to live in a world where these organisations are better resourced through collective action; something that everyone can play a meaningful role in, which brings us together in community, in profound and empowering ways.


Dignity enables neighbours to connect and support our most effective causes, through diversifying the ways they can give, mobilizing everyone's capacity to be a changemaker and building a global community of active and connected citizens. 

Dignity is here to make giving the new normal.